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  1. How to Fit Tyre Chains
  2. Safely Using a Snatchem Strap
  3. Replacing A Broken CV Joint Boot
  4. Must Have Basic 4x4 Recovery Kit
  5. Welding & Changing Tyres off Rims - Bush Mechanic Style.
  6. Fixing the Suspension with no High Lift Jack.
  7. Repairing Rust on your 4x4.
  8. How to Temporarily Fix Minor Radiator Leaks
  9. Reasons why your 4x4 is Overheating
  10. How to 4WD in Sand
  11. How to Videos.
  12. Tyre Pressures and off road vehicles
  13. How NOT to back up in a 4wd.
  14. Reverse Winch Recovery Technique.
  15. Checking for Errors in Distributor and Rotor Button
  16. Animation of Diesel Engine.
  17. Reseting a tubeless tyre using Butane Gas.
  18. Winching Techniques.
  19. NissanPatrol.com.au Disclaimer
  20. How not to
  21. Conversion, overhaul Patrol Y61
  22. HOWTO: do bad things to a MQ front diff.
  23. how to under body wash a patrol
  24. so you wanna cross the river
  25. How to climb a hill ....not
  26. how to unstuck 38" PATROL
  27. This is a HOW NOT TO
  28. Air Locker Install
  29. Subtank problem
  30. intelligent winch
  31. deep river crossing NT Style
  32. Starting a vehicle with rope!
  33. Bullbar ripped from chassis
  34. Making a Turbo charger
  35. How to Change Tyres while Driving!
  36. GQ steering pump - Temporery fix
  37. Lokka install on GQ Patrol
  38. How to change radius arm bush GQ or GU patrol
  39. Beer
  40. Don't try this at home
  41. Help please
  42. How to make a grown man cry
  43. Safety is only a second consideration!
  44. Home made tools...
  45. DVD's on eBay
  46. Hillclimb 6 Cylinder Liwa 2015
  47. How to Spend Money on your Patrol
  48. help
  49. Broken bolt and stud removal.
  50. Maintenancew "how to" Videos
  51. How to change your GLOW PLUGS TD42
  52. Basic Service on a TD42 Patrol
  53. keys
  54. servo brakes
  55. Aircon heater blower.24 volt for mq 1981