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  1. TB42 Tappet Adjustment
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  4. Replacing old water pump with a new one on a Ford Maverick 1990 DA
  5. TB42 to TD42 conversion
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  8. What's this section about
  9. 2008 wagon 6.0L V8 conversion
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  12. strong custom made engine mounts for gq
  13. Clutch DIY
  14. Water pump seal
  15. gq rear panhard
  16. Manual brake bias mod :)
  17. Video diagnosis
  18. brisbane delo 400 multi grade oil
  19. Gq front axle seal part number?
  20. rocker cover removal and vacuum pump
  21. Lifting GQ TI LWB 1991
  22. Antenna mast/cord replacement
  23. Bless my ignorance but....suggestions on fanbelt kits for TB45E?
  24. GU 08 ZD30 Common Rail DX 160k service
  25. Ignition Coil
  26. Radius Arm bushes 4 hour job with minimal tools.
  27. DIY Sump plug socket GU
  28. Diff locks,
  29. Drain plug diameter?
  30. turbo swap, MHI TD05H 16G small to Garrett GTX3071R
  31. gq tb42e manual conversion
  32. Gearbox cradle
  33. wate to air intercooler upgrade on a zd30
  34. Fitting AVM HP manual Hubs GU IV
  35. Picking the right turbo.
  36. Specialist tools for loan
  37. injectors
  38. I Need help with my timing plzzz
  39. Installed my Provent oil catch can today GQ RD28
  40. Td42 torque settings
  41. Pre-load on a front wheel bearing.
  42. Wtf!!! Oil filter
  43. HELP - fitting new brake pads - need advice
  44. Oil color
  45. project intercooler
  46. front left wheel bearing
  47. turbo
  48. Extractor time..
  49. oil leaks
  50. Bearing Replacement - GU Front End
  51. Penrite HPR vs Dello 400
  52. craigsQ Build
  53. Wiper problems....again
  54. Aftermarket airbox
  55. mudnut's 'Old Trol' build thread.
  56. Massive image drop thread. Swivel hub rebuild/bumpstops/and more.
  57. gq electric window winder
  58. ALOT of black soot??
  59. Catch can install
  60. GQ RB30 (carby)- Not Idling on LPG but ok on Petrol
  61. how to spot LSD on y60 / gq
  62. new sway bars.
  63. GQ - Vibrations when turning and at take off and slow acceleration
  64. Engine oil sump plug
  65. DIY CV and Swivel Hub Rebuild Thread
  66. What the hell is it????
  67. thermo fans
  68. Fitting a turbo kit question.
  69. Rear adjustable panhard rod - DIY
  70. Turbo work.
  71. 2007 ZD3.0 problem
  72. Steering wheel
  73. Problem installing GQ manual hubs into GU
  74. Td42 need help/info on a few things please
  75. Speedo Issues
  76. question about vdo boost gauge.
  77. Mechanical help needed thanks!
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  81. Anyone rebuilt their front calipers?
  82. Which brake pads?
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  86. Unbreakable Engine mounts - A step by step guide
  87. Min brake pad thickness
  88. Exshaust for 4.2 efi with extractors
  89. Brake Calliper rebuild
  90. Boost Pressure
  91. Better fuel economy zd30
  92. Catch Can DIY Questions
  93. new member brett
  94. brett new member
  95. Y61 CRD 08 white smoke at engine
  96. heat exchang
  97. DIY Wheel Bearing Adjustment.
  98. EGR, Boost, EGT advice PLEASE
  99. EGT Gauge and Boost Controller
  100. rough/stalling at idol help please
  101. GU CRD Access to Oil Sensor (Drivers Side) to install VDO "T"
  102. Oil Pressure Sensor Fit with T Adaptor-Bracket Mod
  103. Tb45 powerloss
  104. I need help with a whirring noise
  105. Nissan GQ Y60 RD2.8 Timing
  106. TB42 EI Caliper piston dust boot installation
  107. Install rear rotor on 08 GU wag
  108. JT Cooler Induction Noise (H/Flow under load) - Game changer
  109. changing front rotors
  110. Front lokka Purches on a GQ patrol TB4.2 E best place to buy.
  111. Fuel delivery
  112. Hose connection on intake manifold
  113. FMIC Install and Suitable Bull Bar_08 GU IV CRD
  114. ZD30DDTi Rocker Cover Removal and Gasket Replacement
  115. The effect of a catch can on oil leaks
  116. ZD30DDTi Catch Can install with Dual Battery and Compressor
  117. ZD30DDTi Injector Seal Replacement
  118. GU won't start
  119. drivers side rattle
  120. Wheel bearings
  121. GQ Patrol TD42 (Brakes)
  122. Rattling noise coming from the front wheel hubs.
  123. Replaced GQ handbrake cable (pics)
  124. 2008 Patrol Y61 ZD30 DDTi Piston damage #4 and rebuild
  125. What's this Part on a GQ RD28?
  126. Emerg Brake Line line repair kit
  127. Belt squeal
  128. Inner axle seal replacement and front diff centre removal
  129. Cross country top mount intercooler clean and flush
  130. GQ Swivel Hub Pre load confusion
  131. GU Front hub rebuild. What's this?