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The Patrol was used quite a lot in the Military for its strength and reliability and to this day the Y60 GQ platform is still manufactured as a military vehicle in the countries of Asia and the Middle East, and various versions of the Nissan Patrol are widely used by United Nations agencies.

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History of the Nissan Patrol.


An Old Nissan Patrol Back in the 1950's the Nissan Patrol was mainly manufactured for the use in the Military. In Australia the G60 Nissan Patrol soft tops, two doors were first sold here back in 1960. In Fact the first vehicle ever to drive across the Simpson Desert was the 60 series. The Hard top models weren't introduced until 1963 which were the KG60 and the KGL60' series Patrol.


First generation Nissan Patrol (4W60, 4W70; 1951-1960)


An Old Nissan Patrol
Series First Generation 4W60, 4W70; 1951-1960 (Also called: Nissan Patrol).
Production 1951-1960
Class Pick up and Jeep Version
Body style(s) 3-door Jeep or a 2-door Pickup Nissan Patrol
Layout Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Engine(s) 4.0L P40 I6
Transmission 4-speed(Manual transmission)
Courtesy of Wikipedia Nissan Patrol history and information.


Second generation Nissan Patrol (60 series; 1960-1980)

second generation nissan patrol
Series Body styles  
60 series 60:SWB: soft top, hard top
G60:LWB:soft top station wagon, van
H60:Super LWB:station wagon, van, cab chassis
FH60:Super LWB:fire truck
The soft-top Nissan Patrol 60 (two-door; 2,200 mm (86.6 in) wheelbase) & G60 (two-door; 2,500 mm (98.4 in) wheelbase) were first sold in Australia way back in 1960. Left-hand drive L60/GL60 models were sold outside of Australia. The 60 series Nissan Patrol gained attention as the first vehicle to drive across the Simpson Desert in Australia.


Third generation Patrol (160, 1980–1985; 161, 1985–1987; cab chassis, 1990–1994)

third generation nissan patrol
Series Body styles Engines
(gasoline & Diesel)
160 series 160/161:SWB: soft top, hard top
G160/G161:LWB:station wagon, van, cab chassis
FG160/FG161:LWB:fire truck

Nissan Patrol 160 series



Fourth generation Nissan Patrol (260; 1986–1994)

fourth generation nissan patrol The 260 series Nissan Patrol was a Spanish built version of the 160 (Easily spotted by the rectangular headlamps) sold in Europe and was also available in SWB / LWB and with L28, SD33 and RD28T engines. The SD engined version of the Patrol, at least in the UK market, had a 24 volt electrical system.

Courtesy of Wikipedia Nissan Patrol history and information.


Fifth generation Nissan Patrol (Y60; 1987–1998)

fifth generation nissan patrol The Y60 Patrol was radically different mechanically from its predecessors as it now had coil spring suspension, the rear axle now being on a 5 link setup. Most models had a rear limited slip diff and some variants had a vacuum operated manual rear differential lock. The Nissan Patrol model now had rear disc brakes and some Y60s even had a PTO-driven front mounted winch.From 1988 to 1994, Ford Australia rebadged the Patrol Y60 (GQ), as the Ford Maverick. This was a result of the Button car plan devised by the Australian government.

Courtesy of Wikipedia Nissan Patrol history and information.


Sixth generation Nissan Patrol (Y61; 1997–2010

sixth generation nissan patrol Y61 (GU) models first appeared in 1997, only available in 4.5 litrepetrol and 2.8 litre Turbo Diesel, 3.0 litre Turbo Diesel, 4.2 litre diesel, 4.2 litre Turbo Diesel, 4.2 litreTurbo Diesel Intercooler variants. In 2002 a new Nissan petrol engine was added. A 4.8 litre inline 6 with new DOHC system, and made 248 horse power (185 kW) and over 46 kg·m (Template:Convert/Nm ft·lbf) This engine is very famous and popular among UAE tuners, where it could be easily modified and up graded to levels where it could beat some super cars produced by the Lamborghini, Ferrari and other supercar manufacturers and producers. In one occasion a TB48DE engine was fully modified and was able to reach over 2,000 hp (1,491 kW) for the sand hills challenges. In 2004 a significant facelift model was released by Nissan.


Seventh generation Nissan Patrol (Y62; 2010–??)

seventh generation nissan patrol The 2010 Nissan Patrol was launched on 13th February with the slogan 'Hero of All Terrain', at a VIP event in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It shares the new Infiniti QX56 platform. The 2010 Nissan Patrol is powered by VK56VD (5.6-litre) V8 with a 400 hp (298 kW) an 560 N·m (410 ft·lbf), with features such as "VVEL" Variable Valve Event and Lift and "DIG" Gasoline direct injection, and mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission. A variable 4wd Mode package allows switching between 4x4 modes: sand, on-road, rock and snow, with the flick of a switch. And a "Hydraulic Body Motion Control System" system is available. Also this seventh generation Nissan Patrol available are an electronic locking rear differential, hill start and hill descent control, as well as lane departure warning, automatic brake and stability control features. It is expected to launch in the Uunited States of America this year, Australia won't see it until late in 2011. It will have a V6 engine and V8 turbo diesel engines and a V6 petrol engine.


Below is a quick point form outline of the history of the Nissan Patrol Series and basic information of the roll out.


  • 1951 - Nissan calls the Patrol “the definitive, authentic and original off-roader.” They never looked back!
  • 1960 - The two door 2200mm wheelbase soft-top Nissan Patrol 60 and G60 2500mm wheelbase two door were first sold in Australia who were very skeptical at first, but then took off.
  • 1980 - The Safari become the new off roader range including the 160 series which many people overseas would still be known as the Patrol.
  • 1986 - As far as power and value goes, the Nissan Patrol was the best around in that time and Nissan sold thousands.
  • 1988 - Nissan introduce the GQ series Patrol. This series become the most popular 4wd in Australia in the larger series of 4wd's to buy. The very reliable diesel GQ patrol was set to make its mark in reliability and power.
  • 21st Century - You just cant beat the Nissan Patrol for class, style reliability, power, value for money and most of all, any late model Patrol still hold their value a lot more than other 4wd on the market. Especially any ute series.


The 2010 Nissan Patrol in more detail.

New Nissan Patrol photos
Tokyo, Japan – The all new 2010 model Nissan Patrol had been leaked ahead of schedule after new photos of the vehicle were snapped at a recent industry only presentation of the Nissan Patrol. Don't you just love mobile phone quality cameras these days. Obviously the security of the event was not that crash hot. These images show the new style Patrol is about to launch. From this front view it almost looks like a Toyota landcruiser.


The all New 2010 Nissan Patrol 4wd
The rear of the new 2010 Nissan Patrol however doesn't look anything like the Landcruiser. It has a style curved rear windows creating a new sporty look along with LED brake lights. It's not a huge quantum leap in the design of this new Patrol for large 4WDs, but it does represent a significantly more modern aesthetic look and will reinvigorate interest in the vehicle.


The rear side of the new 2010 Nissan Patrol
The new 2010 Nissan Patrol scored a very healthy 4 out of 5 for many editors around the world. The Patrol is expected to ship with a range of new 4WD functions, such as downhill descent control and other slow-speed, high torque modes which will allow it to more closely compete with Toyota's large 4WD series.


Interior photo of the 2010 Nissan Patrol
There's wood grain trim and the steering wheel is covered with handy buttons and controls, some of which could be linked to the AWD systems. Style and comfort seems to be the new Patrol interior features yet ont he outside it still has a strong front end with stylish extras. It would be interesting to see how this Patrol stands up to some of Australia's 4wd tracks. That's if you had the money not to worry about thrashing this Patrol around the bush.





The All New 2010 Nissan Patrol First Promo Video. As much as you would love to own it, most of us could not afford this type of luxery Patrol. But It's good to see what's coming out on the production line.



The all new 2011 Nissan Patrol Review

Interior photo of the 2010 Nissan Patrol
The all new 2011 Nissan Patrol was unveiled in Abu Dhabi and was released overseas in April. Australia won't see it hit our shores until late 2011.


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