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Thread: Installation of Steel Mate 386M Central Locking Kit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NissanGQ4.2 View Post
    All good putting in links now mate

    But I would also say its still worth copying the info across ( and give credit from whom and where in your post ) just in case their forum shuts down for some reason or another...... or gets another virus
    OK, below is the post from the "Other" site as per the link above, thanks to Phildo for his work. It is worth noting that I was able to unlock the Patrol from inside the Post Office, about 20m direct line of sight, yesterday, the old Nissan system wouldn't work 2m away when it was at its best!

    "I ended up coming up with an option to hack the connector off the existing PCB and soldered the wires from the new unit it onto that - and preserved the factory wiring that goes from the old unit to the main door and indicators.

    I ended up only using 6 wires on the new unit.

    From my rough sketch above

    Wire A red power connects to 10 on the OEM plug which has a white/red wire on my GU

    Wire B Green to actuator connects to 9 on the OEM plug which has a blue wire

    Wire C Blue ton actuator connects 7 on the OEM plug which has a blue/red wire

    Wire D brown wire to indicator connects to 11 on the OEM plug which has a white/red wire

    Wire E brown wire to indicator connects to 12 on the OEM plug which has a white/red wire

    Wire I black earth wire connects to 8 on the OEM plug which has a black/pink wire on my car

    I was originally going to also connect Wire M but my testing resulted in nothing working so I left it disconnected to anything

    I also found that my first attempt the doors would open by pressing the close button and close by pressing the open button

    I reversed the positions of D and E and the buttons work fine

    The indicators worked first time - beginners luck

    So a big thank you to all the contributors above - I can finally lock and unlock my car from more than 2 metres and will hopefully only run out if battery showing off by using the fob from the house they the back window to the car

    Best $50 I've ever spent on the truck !!

    PS - my install was made much easier due to the fact I have no passenger air bag and have fitted a second glove box

    I positioned the unit out of sight using the Velcro provided with the unit."

    Pics from his post
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