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  1. Information on TB42s extended rotor button
  2. GU Christmas Tree
  3. Guide: Installing a Dual Battery system (2.8td) - Lots of pics!
  4. cheap reverse lights DIY
  5. How to fit a Pertronix Electronic Ignition system to your GQ TB42
  6. GQ LED rear door light
  7. Full HID Retro conversion. (Not just bulbs and ballasts)
  8. My GQ manual torque converter lock up system (lotts of photos)
  9. Rear LED Light fitted
  10. GU Rear Lights Mod
  11. Arduino powered MFD- Battery and temp display
  12. 99 GU stereo wiring diagram
  13. What's this section about
  14. Here's how I fixed the front turn signal
  15. GQ patrol lights
  16. Uhf 80 channel upgrade programming upgrade kenwood tait
  17. Lpg fuel gauge mod using the dash cluster
  18. GU driving lights
  19. Sound system upgrade GQ (head unit, speakers, aplifier)
  20. Rear door Speakers
  21. 27watt flood light $49 top quality.
  22. Led strip lights
  23. Rear brake lights and blinkers - LED?
  24. Wiring in stereo for GQ
  25. Spot lights
  26. Dome light delay kit installation
  27. May there be light
  28. Question:Mounting Options - C-Tek dc-dc charger
  29. Turbo Timer/Boost Gauge/EGT Gauge
  30. My little compressor went.. Well nothing
  31. Compushift ll install
  32. RLI's step by step wiring and gauges install!
  33. DP Chip fitting instructions - DP34
  34. Help with Digital Temperature Gauge
  35. Little lifehack for your front view camera.
  36. Second battery height issue?
  37. 92 TB42 efi Wiring issues
  38. Remote for leds
  39. DIY Dual batteries 6.5L Chev
  40. Battery torch turn into 12v for camping
  41. Added some LEDs to my truck
  42. Central Locking and alarm kit, clarification on Negative Trigger, Or Positive.
  43. LED cargo lights
  44. DVD Screen and player
  45. How to connect your own LED light strips
  46. UHF not working when ignition switched on
  47. GU Bullbar LED blinker/park lamps
  48. GU8 Full functio rear light ?
  49. Using original CD stacker with aftermarket stereo?
  50. Dimming the High Beam instrument lamp
  51. Speedo Correction using Jaycar Speedo Kit, GU 07 TB48 Auto
  52. Help finding reversing light wires
  53. 4.8 Fuel consumption / Trip Meter Project
  54. Unlocking gme radio
  55. Dual battery tray with sealed relay/fuse box.
  56. 5$ Battery Terminal Crimper with professional results.
  57. Compressor with external tank build.
  58. Worklight
  59. Rear barn door light, I LIKE IT.......
  60. Gq electrical install.
  61. h4 HID headlight kit upgrade Gu
  62. duel battery for 4.5ltr
  63. Audio Install.
  64. Just installed a Pioneer Headunit DEHX9500BHS
  65. Moving interior lighting to secondary battery.
  66. Cole-Hersee, Type Dual Battery Setups
  67. Manual on switch for aircon fan.
  68. Gq Speedo adjustment to read correct speed
  69. Fridge Control
  70. How to theft-proof your car
  71. What am I looking at here (Dual Battery setup)
  72. Where to crimp in Melbourne
  73. How many circuit breaker are enough?
  74. Lights Warning
  75. My Dual Battery Install
  76. Connecting batteries & the winch - which way is best?
  77. Dash gauge pod
  78. Dual Battery setup
  79. Panasonic Toughbook Installation.
  80. Tb42E fuel pump relay not cutting in
  81. bit of help
  82. central locking install - original
  83. Rear Door Central Locking does not work
  84. Car alarm
  85. Main wires in a gq ?? For a alarm
  86. reversing lights
  87. welding
  88. GQ stereo !
  89. lightforce genesis hid upgrade
  90. Headlight Warning Buzzer
  91. Using wiring from 6 stacker as regular 12V supply
  92. Electric Brakes
  93. Map light upgrade to SMD panel
  94. ABS reset
  95. Inverter DIY guide wanted
  96. Aux Battery distribution re-wire
  97. EGT Gauge Install - wiring help
  98. Cheap Battery monitor.
  99. GU 4 Ti fog light switch
  100. GQ Patrol Central Locking Installation
  101. Dual purpose batteries
  102. Dual Battery for 4.8 Sydney Area
  103. Wiring Fridge,Compressor,Fusebank
  104. Totally stumped on winch with dual battery after reading mag
  105. Can you buy aftermarket switches to fit the blank holes in the GU dash
  106. Auto Headlights
  107. GME TX-3520S Install in GQ
  108. Does anyone make an after market spotlight mount
  109. CTEK D250S Dual
  110. Fuses between Aux battery and power panel?
  111. Please check my wiring?
  112. LEDs in the Drivers Window Switch
  113. Making Anderson Plugs?
  114. replacing central locking
  115. LED light install
  116. Led dummy lights
  117. D250s
  118. LED Light Bar Power Cable - Which Side?
  119. 2011 GU 7 Dash Lights
  120. Ultimate GU Stereo Installation - Lots of pics
  121. Help needed wiring Switch and Relay for work lights
  122. Dynamat and batteries
  123. Maximum amperage of diesel injectors.
  124. My boost and EGT gauge setup
  125. Reversing Camera Installation 2008 GU Patrol
  126. Newbie here need help
  127. Gauge Wiring Help
  128. Installation of Steel Mate 386M Central Locking Kit.
  129. Inverter Install - is this a good location?
  130. Bringing Electric through the firewall
  131. Dual battery install question
  132. Rear Work Light
  133. "Security" bolts? For light bars etc? Suggestions?
  134. Crimping tool
  135. Pumpkin stereos
  136. Winch solenoid mounting.
  137. How do we test our solar panels??
  138. Pillar Pod Gauges.
  139. 2nd batt in quarter
  140. Recommended electronics forum
  141. 12v power for the Kids in the back
  142. DIY projector headlights on GU
  143. EDS Data Scan
  144. Odometer not working and clicking on 1992 Gq patrol
  145. Driving light install GU 4.2 DX
  146. My Roof Mounted Supa Centre Light Bar Install
  147. Rear Lights
  148. EGT gauge not working? Can anyone help?
  149. DIY Aftermarket cruise control installation
  150. auxiliary battery charging
  151. Turn - park signals install
  152. How to fit large battery, winch cables into crimp ends.
  153. Boycee .
  154. Wiring ELocker to replace factory rear locker with ESC & turning off overspeed alarm
  155. Vehicle Speed Sensor cable
  156. Blinking battery light
  157. Brake controller brake wire issue
  158. Anyone recommend a good egt gauge
  159. Patrol Stock Headunit.
  160. Boost Guage Illumination
  161. Waeco CFX50 on single battery. Please help.
  162. How to get a UHF Antenna through firewall.
  163. Monitor Lambda for CRD Real Time
  164. Battery and fridge
  165. Internal switchboard
  166. 2nd battery
  167. Usb rocker
  168. No power at all
  169. Wiring up radio
  170. GQ Alternator upgrade??
  171. Rerouting hoses for dual battery tray - GU III TD42
  172. Reverse camera LEDs turn on but camera won't come onto the screen
  173. Solar panel
  174. GQ Blank Switches, Same Size As GU?
  175. Dual Battery Tray
  176. how to get cable from engine to cabin
  177. GU factory fog light install - SUCCESS!
  178. Electrical Water Temperature Senders - How To Test Folks?
  179. Radio buttons
  180. Wired my battery wrong and nothing works however all fuses and relays are good
  181. Intermittent start
  182. Mounting a circuit breaker
  183. GU Hooking up Teralume Spotties. H3 or H4?
  184. I need ecm wiring digrams patrol 2003
  185. DAB Compatible Retractable Aerial to Fit 2002 Nissan Patrol Y61?
  186. 2006 TD4TI glow plug timer / module problem?
  187. cheapie head unit install
  188. GPS Tracker location
  189. 1994 Patrol Taillight