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Thread: GU patrol roof bar options

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    GU patrol roof bar options

    Hi, I posted a newbie thread here: https://www.nissanpatrol.com.au/foru...ght-a-GU-wagon

    I haven't picked up the vehicle yet but already thinking of what I'm going to do with a roof mount. I specifically did not buy a s/h patrol with a full steel and bordered edge full roof rack due to it's weight and me not planning to carry jerry cans, LPG bottles or tyres up there.

    I do plan on an awning mount and an allowance for a RTT if I do end up going away and living in it for a while. (I used to sell ute trays, canopies, RTTs and I always like the patrol utes to be honest, and that's why I'm here with a GU wagon.)
    I also had a lot of people with LC and prados buying RTTs, so I'm used to telling people to get rid of the platform rack before considering a RTT!

    Anyway, as most roof bar manufacturers want $100 per bar, and also because the patrol mounts are so high and weak looking I came upon my plan and want to hear feedback.

    Step one:
    Buy rhinorack RGMB2 - a backbone style gutter mount that suits LC80/patrol. It spreads the weight, keeps awnings and RTTs nice and level.

    Step two:
    Buy bossco 3 bar rack for $199, throw away the mounts (but still save $100 over buying 3x other brand cross bars) and use the bars to bolt across the backbone system.

    Many people sorted out their own unistrut or cross bars and came back to my store and did the same in my parking lot too since I told them it's a waste of time trying to mount a RTT to their backbone platform - why carry that useless weight when all they needed for awnings and RTT was a cross bar system?

    I've been looking into the very high mounting of Patrol racks and crossbars as too high. So it seems to me the gutter mount backbone sold for $512 to suit LC80/patrols is worth it, even if their platforms or bars are not value for money so just use unistut (E: uni-strut, ezy strut etc) or bossco bars?
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    I have 3x rhino roof bars, aerodynamic ones. They get me by. I had to seal up all the crevices in them to minimize highway flute sounds.
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