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Thread: 1985 Nissan Patrol Deluxe MQ SD33T Turbo Diesel Wagon

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    Post 1985 Nissan Patrol Deluxe MQ SD33T Turbo Diesel Wagon

    Hi everyone,

    I am slowly working my way around the forum and saw this thread for selling cars. I have basically replicated below what I added to "Best Place to Sell Beloved 1985 Nissan Patrol Deluxe MQ SD33T Turbo Diesel Wagon ?" thread in the "Introductions" main thread.

    I have owned a 1985 MQ Patrol wagon since 1990 and have finally decided that I can no longer care for it as it deserves. I am neither mechanically nor electrically capable but have spent many dollars and countless hours on having the car roadworthy and as comfortable as I could make it. So after 34 years of proud ownership, I need to sell this wonderful car, which I have owned longer than both my adult children!! My family and I spend many a camping holiday in this great vehicle over the 90s and 00s, but at 58 Years of age, it is really getting too hard for me and we don't camp any more or off-road much to be honest.

    Over the years, I have had numerous keen 4WDers comment on the vehicle as it is rather rare on the roads nowadays. I am happy to share any photos, specs and details as to its servicing and history but wanted to firstly see whether a forum such as this is appropriate. If it isn't, I apologise in advance as I mean no offence. I only wish to have this wonderful vehicle have a happy home with an owner who loves Patrols and MQs in particular rather than trade it in for next to nothing and it ends up in a scrap yard somewhere.

    Happy to answer any messages or replies and will upload details in the next few days.

    Thanks in advance,
    Milosh (Miloman)

    For anyone interested in the 1985 Deluxe MQ Patrol, below is a brief summary of its history since I bought the car in 1990:

    - Purchased from Lay Lintott Motors (t/a Wagon Wheels) Parramatta Road, Burwood NSW for $30,000 in November 1990,
    - Odometer reading on purchase was 79,243,
    - Came factory-fitted with Nissan Turbo Diesel SD33T engine,
    - Original colour was a golden yellow with black decals - real nice,
    - Originally was a 7-seater. Did away with 3rd row seats so currently registered in NSW as a 5-seater,
    - Added 2 x inertia reel seatbelts to 2nd row seats (plate affixed under bonnet) in Feb 1999,
    - First respray to cool white in June 2000,
    - Reset the leaf spring suspension in 2000,
    - Windscreen rubber replaced in Mar 2009,
    - Added start button alongside glow plugs heating button instead of keyed start in March 2013,
    - Bought sunraysia steel rims in July 2014,
    - Full engine (turbo injectors, master head cylinder), axle and gearbox repairs at a cost of $3,300 in Oct 2017,
    - Second respray to cool white on Jan 2020. Replaced all 4 original doors with GQ model doors including side mirrors. Replaced rear sliding windows,
    - Re-gassed air conditioner and converted to current standards in Jan 2020,
    - Repaired starter motor in April 2020,
    - Underbody rust removed in Aug 2020,
    - Heater core repaired plus new washer pump in Aug 2020,
    - Replaced alternator in Jan 2021,
    - Installed new 90/90 inertia reel belts with 350mm stalks to front seats in June 2021,
    - Installed 4 x 31x10.50R15LT Bridgestone Desert Duellers at 399,519kms in June 2021,
    - Replaced both sealed beam headlights in July 2022,
    - Replaced 12v battery at 407,230kms in May 2023. Warranty to May 2025,
    - Full replacement of both front disk rotors (including wheel cylinder assemblies, pistons, brake hoses, 2nd-hand front hub assemblies, front wheel bearing kits, front hub seals, brake shoes & pads and brake fluid) at a cost of $2,665 in July 2023,
    - Last service (oil, air and fuel filters) at 408,000kms in July 2023.

    Note, due to the relative simplicity in basic servicing of this vehicle, I undertook all basic oil (engine, diffs and gearbox), filter and radiator coolant services myself until 2020, every 5k -10k depending on nature of the travels between services.

    Major Benefits of Vehicle in 2024
    1. Basically all repairable parts of the car have been undertaken in the last few years including engine, axles, heater core, air conditioner etc. No engine leaks at all. Any leaks under the hood are old leaks before engine repair of 2017,
    2. Well kept original interior. No dashboard or hard plastic cracks. Majority of its life has been under garage roof,
    3. No driving through any waterways above sidesteps at all. Hardly any sand driving (one trip to Fraser, a few beach drives). Most off-road driving on forest trails. No mud driving at all,
    4. Decent respray in 2020 so minimal surface rust for a 39 year old vehicle,
    5. Desert Duellers have only had 12,000kms travelled, basically all on highways, so 90%+ tread remaining. No punctures at all,
    6. Drives like a dream and off-road capability like a young version of itself.

    Current Issues of vehicle
    1. Has surface rust in roof rails on both sides,
    2. Has surface rust in minor spots on roof and near rear window hinges,
    3. Possible rust behind plastic trim around windscreen. Never removed to check,
    4. Has some rust on underbody even with no driving through any waterways at all since respray in 2020. Steel brush and elbow grease would remove most of this surface rust. Just a function of living on the mid-north coast and close to the ocean,
    5. Missing bolt on left rear window hinge,
    6. Car doesn't enjoy moisture or rain so its electrics can be sporadic. Car could do with a full electrical check up. In 95% of drives, everything electrical works fine (wipers, dashboard lights, start button), but on wet drives or in humid conditions the start button may not kick the motor over on first few goes or the wipers may not turn on,
    7. There is a rattle coming from rear door (at least that's where I think the noise is coming from). The rear door LHS arm was bent on a Fraser Island trip in 2010s but was straightened somewhat when resprayed in 2020. Have never checked to see if it is a loose bolt or something. It's just there occasionally,
    8. The replacement rear passenger doors need new window seals. Door seals are fine,
    9. Rear door handle partially snapped off years ago but still operates properly,
    10. Rear window wiper not connected to water pump,
    11. CD player/stereo not connected to door speakers after 2020 respray,
    12. Minor plastic trim splitting along seams in some places (mainly behind front sun visors).

    Photos to follow
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Sold the 1985 Patrol to lovely engaged couple

    I sold the 1985 Patrol to a lovely engaged couple today! They were chuffed and will look after it like it deserves. Thanks everyone for your interest and support.

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