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Thread: Starting and Cutting off issues on sd33 n/a

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    Starting and Cutting off issues on sd33 n/a

    Hi all, first serious post here to try fixing the first cumbersome thing on the "new" Patrol.
    for the reccord, the patrol is a 1989 LWB 260 with and sd33 n/a. Is the spanish version of the MQ/MK built by Motor Iberica with engine imported from japan.

    There is a weird behaviour while starting the car and also some weird thing while cutting off. I believe they are related both to the same isue and I believe they are both related to the IP controller.
    Up until the weekend I'll not be able to check the car as it sits 400km from home... XD So mainly I'd love to get a few sugestions of "things to check"

    So, the behaviour on start is the following:
    I start the vehicle, it starts awesome wether cold or hot. The isue is that it stalls inmediatelly after starting. However, if you put just a tiney bit of throttle to it after starting, it daes not stall and drives happily with no problems. You drive it fast, slow, 2wd, 4wd, 4wdL anything, all OK. Just that need of throttle at the begining after it starts.

    And, the behaviour when cutting off:
    So you stop the car, turn of the ignition barrel... and it does not cut of inmediatelly but rather takes between half a second to a seccond to finally cut off. It's not a long time, so maybe is something the sd33 does like that.

    Another (i believe unrelated) inconvenience is that glow plugs are wired to a manual push button for heating them up instead of wired through the ignition barrel + relay usual stuff. Previous owner had issues with them and took a shortcut that, to be honest, works great... Just mentioning it cause they both may relate.

    My beliefs: dc motor in the IP controller is gunked / dead / badly wired / low voltage ariving / corroded contacts... etc.

    any ideas there besides the IP controller? any other things there that I may need to check that may be the culprit?
    Any help will be very much appreciated!

    in any case I'll post here the solution whenever eventually I find out what happens.

    Best regards,

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