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  1. Hi there. I wanted to fit one of these to my Patrol in Adelaide, but so far, no-one here wants to know.2 places, including one recomended by Equipe, your local distributor, were asked to provide one, and neither has bothered. Seems silly to advertise them on here if no-one wants to fit them. The recommended dealer was supposed to order an 11-300 (I think) in and make up the matching exhaust back from my Pacemaker extractors, but hasn't even ordered the muffler. Any reason why dealers in SA are not keen on these? A couple of other exhaust places said that they would not recommend them for any car, but I think that's just ignorance. Can I buy one direct and have someone fit it here, or do I need to deal with what sound like less than enthusiastic suppliers here. Even Equipe was not very helpful, sending me to Profix in Adelaide CBD. My number is 0414814771 if you want to ring. Regards, Ian.
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