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  1. Hi Nic. For some reason I didn't get notified of your message when you left it, so I'm sorry my reply is so late.

    Our Patrol is our family car, with plans of touring (now that it's finally back on the road again after our auto trouble) and we just bought a van for this, so it wont be going off road much.

    I had a look at your threads about this area and I'm pleased you're enjoying it. I've been here all my life, and really love the space, the freedom, the big sky. The flooding you've seen here may be a once in a lifetime show. I laughed when they warned of flash flooding in Griffith a couple of weeks before it hit. How wrong was I.

    Anyway, keep enjoying your Trol, and give me a yell if you think I can help with something.
  2. hey mate, just moved down to griffith, i noticed on the map you were at leeton, my car is on stands atm due to upgrades, but if you wanna go for a bash in the future let me know id be very keen. also im down in leeton fairly often for work if you want to meet up to say hi etc, would be cool.


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