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  1. The economy is pretty good to be honest, i do tend to be heavy on the throttle because it is fun but for the most part it is comparable to other TDs on a beach run. Not bad. 100% need to Dyno or your wasting your time mate.The Only real way to tune them properly.
  2. Hows the economy under normal driving conditions, and will I need to run it over a dyno post installation?
  3. Hi Taipo, I have gone with a UFI 250HP and am very happy with it. The car has been transformed and is so much fun to drive mate.
  4. Hi MR. I'm in Gippsland. I have the GU 4.2 with 4" intake, 18g UFI, CC i/c. Can you give me your opinion on which pump upgrade I could look at?
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