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9th September 2010, 11:12 PM

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17th September 2010, 07:43 PM
Ran ET2's in a 36x12.5x15

These are a very heavy tyre, and they are VERY LOUD, think Helicopter loud:1087:, the noise never worried me too much though.

On-road, i had a great run from them, they seemed fine too me, as long as you drive them to there abilitys, they are not a road tyre, but they are road rated so the ARE legal, if not particuly practical, if you get in and flog them they will wear out very quickly, if you don't go flying of the road first:wink:

Off-road, there's not much to say, they are AWSOME, in everything expet Rock, as long as you have the power to turn them, they will grip like no tommorow, Dirt\Gravel roads, it's pont and shoot, mud is the same, either thin water mud or thick bearing killer mud, they don't care they will find traction, i found they do not like Rock, it's the only weakness as far as i could find.

On-road i ran them at 36ish pound, this stop them feeling squirmish.
Off-road, dunno any where from 36-12 psi, depending on what i was driving, and IF i remebered to air down:icon_bonk:

These are almost my perfect tyre, if they made them slightly bigger, the only tyre that i know of that could hold a candle to them is the Trepadore's, and then only in a sticky:wink:

9th August 2012, 02:34 PM
I'm currently running 36x12.5x16 ET2's and will back up everything Mav has said. i've got a 4.2 carby gq wagon with 6" spring lift and 2" body lift with tough dog adjustable 's and i believe this would near be the perfect combination for off road. got no winch on it as i've never really needed one as these just seem to grip going in either direction. on road ye noisy but who cares if ya dont like noisy tires buy highway terrains. these are rated 100% mud and they love it

Cheers Corey

9th August 2012, 05:15 PM
x3 above, boy do they make the difference in the mud. If you've got the power to spin the wheels these bad boys don't flick mud they rip chunks of earth and send it flying lol They do tend to sink way easier in the sand/shingle but if your at a low enough pressure you can normally sit on top of it and drive over just don't start spinning the wheels or you'll end up in a hole.

9th August 2012, 05:43 PM
The BOMB! on my 3rd set of ET2s and really cant imagine changing tyres. If i did it would only be because i wanted to step up to a 37 which the ET does not cater for.

In the World of a 35" Off Road tyre the Simex Extreme Trekka II is so far above EVERYTHING else on the market that they stand alone.

These tyres work exceptionally well in the High country rocky shaley terrain also although they take a slaughtering. Mine are missing Chunks all over the joint from Hard Sharp Rocky climbs.

Get them into the sticky Otways Mud and there is simply Nothing else that travels so well. Only Size will let them down in that country. a 35" Simex just will not work in a 37" wheel rut ;)

Love em!

9th August 2012, 10:22 PM
I am happy with mine. Happy with all the same points as posted above. I think they would be better on rock on a set of beadlocks and aired down to 5-6 psi then you could go anywhere.

9th August 2012, 11:09 PM
Was running mine at 10psi last weekend up the snow and I run simex tubes. They did great but they did slip in the rim a little and spun and ripped off a valve! Damn it! I need bead locks!

26th March 2013, 07:47 AM
Was running mine at 10psi last weekend up the snow and I run simex tubes. They did great but they did slip in the rim a little and spun and ripped off a valve! Damn it! I need bead locks!

ha, I just read this thread. . .
Simex are my sentimental favorite tyre. owned lots of sets. only comp treps keep up with them. and if simex came in a 37 you would be hard pressed to have got me to try other brands like i have.
in a 35, agree. . . best tyre available by a very big margin.
but comparing a 36in simex to a 37in trep is difficult. my heart still says simex. but my head knows its treps. ill buy both again. if i was running them daily i would have simex. do need to be careful on road about pressures. they will heel-toe the outer lugs very quickly and get noisy if you dont have 30psi in them. also iv seen that the 3lug pede's are a lot nicer on the road than 2 lug ones.

should also note that a lot of tyres/rims come in 17's now an simex dont. . . . so when i buy another set of pede's ill be buying rims again too.:mad:

another thing to note is the low-speed clearing of simex. it is a lot better than any other tyre iv used. you dont have to spin them quickly to get em clear. its brilliant.

26th March 2013, 11:20 AM
As said above they are NOISEY no need for the horn peeps just leap out the way lol Rubbish on wet roads but they are at one with mother earth. So much so they just want to eat it .
Here's a vid of me chewing up some Welsh hill and spitting out the lumpy bits . Easy to see the slow speed tread clearing early on and then at the end great strips of grass and mud sent assunder . Do not use in sensitive areas , this was on a pay site ;)
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/-ShQcrXm84I?list=UU18YZhTk7aVWChD1qV2uhWA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>