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9th September 2010, 11:08 PM

Tyre Feedback threads are designed to give members positive and negative feedback and other information relating to a particular tyre brand.

Please post first hand accounts on the Goodyear tyre only as this is NOT a tyre bagging thread

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30th July 2011, 09:29 AM
Iv'e got the wrangler MTR kevlar (2nd generation) in 33/12.5/15 on 10"x15 rims, have done about 5k on them so far and they are a great tyre in my opinion, they are a little noisy but no louder then a mates bfg at's, on road traction is very good and predicable in both wet or dry conditions, I run them at 38psi on road, off road they are excellent in in mud, clay, loose rocks/gravel, great on rocks and not bad on course river sand(I try to stay away from the beach and there's lots of river sand near townsville). off road I run them at 25-16psi depending on conditions and terrain. my truck weighs in at 2400kg empty, it's a GQ duel cab ute with TB42


4th August 2011, 07:23 PM
i had the 1st generation MTR Wrangler 315/75 R16 and they were the best sets tyres ive had, never let me down, got 120 000kms out of them before they went hard and they copped a hiding. road noise is what you would expect off a Mud Terrain tyre. drove from gippsland to melbourne and back everyday and taken them to some of the harshest tracks you could find and kept up with the claws and xterrains no problems. wasnt to slippery in the wet on the blacktop either. i definantly recomend these tyres to anyone who wants a great allround Muddy

21st August 2011, 05:00 PM
Duratrac in 285/75 16 .After 10k very happy with them, very quiet ,good off road, bags realy well for tire with high load rating

luxo barge
21st September 2011, 04:41 PM
Had MTR's when first released and got 35000km out of em till rooted.... not happy

2nd May 2012, 08:41 PM
i've got the 31" mud tyres i reckon there the way to go and look tough as well

10th June 2012, 02:51 PM
I have MT/R Kevar 285/75R16, quite impressed with the performance on and off road. I did the 6000km to the cape and back, low noise for a mud tyre much better then the BFG AT/KO I had, works well in the mud. They are much better in the wet on the tarmac then the Copper ATs that I run on the daily commute to work.