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21st June 2011, 07:05 AM

Tyre Feedback threads are designed to give members positive and negative feedback and other information relating to a particular tyre brand.

Please post first hand accounts on the Maxxis tyre only as this is NOT a tyre bagging thread

Information we are looking for is noise, grip, look, wear, handling, recommended PSI or any other information that members find useful and is relevant to the tyre type.

Please post your comments/feedabck and vote in the poll to show your tyre type preference.

21st March 2012, 02:10 AM
I ran a Kelly MSR mud and snow tyre as a spare. Great tyre

13th May 2013, 09:05 PM
Anyone else got feedback on these tyres? Thinking about putting them on our newly acquired '06 GU ST based on a friends feedback, but just wondering if anyone else has any thoughts.