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  1. Diesel conversion (TD42 from TB42)
  2. 6.2 - 6.5L Chevy Repair Manual
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  11. rb30det- to tb42 gearbox
  12. What oil are you running in your Chev
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  14. query re v8 install & engine bay space
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  19. All Things Chev
  20. Wanting to install a 6.5 to replace my zd30
  21. Bullet Diesel Brisbane
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  23. skytroll air box question
  24. 2001 Nissan patrol y61 zd30 to td42
  25. Gu patrol runnig rough on lpg
  26. Turbo replace
  27. LS1 conversion, what manual box?
  28. upgrade from carby to fuel injection
  29. cooling problems in my gq patrol with 6.5 chev diesel
  30. 3lt conversion decision
  31. TB45 Extractors
  32. Bellhousing Dimensions
  33. Tb45auto to td42 auto?
  34. RD28 to RD28 Turbo conversion - Nissan Laurel (same engine setup as 4x4)
  35. Brunswick in a 99 Patrol
  36. TB42e to TD42t Conversion - Lots of pics!
  37. LS chev engines torque
  38. Ls transplant
  39. Just a weird one...
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  41. TD42 in a GU replacing a RD28
  42. Conversion from TB45 to TB48 on a GU
  43. ZD30 CR Rebuild or Conversion?
  44. V8 Conversion 84 MK
  45. Another TB42 to TD42 Conversion
  46. is anyone running a gq with a 4.5 with gq efi computer and niztune?????
  47. GQ 2.8 to 4.2 conversion
  48. Best suited GU for TD42 conversion?
  49. put this and this in there
  50. ZD30 to TD42 How much work will it be?
  51. V6 Yes or No
  52. GU TI TB45 Auto to Diesel
  53. Is this kind of imported TD 4.2 worth buying?
  54. TD42T starter motor size
  55. Tacho signal TD42
  56. Question for the TD42 injection pump gurus
  57. What it this vacuum hose?
  58. TD42 alternator on right side? Looking for pics
  59. 2001 Ti TB45E auto to TD42T auto conversion
  60. GU ZD30 to TD42T Conversion....
  61. Cummins 6BT 5.9L
  62. Cabstar/Patrol Gearbox
  63. GU LS1 conversion
  64. N/A TD42 to Turbo
  65. GQ td42 10mm upgrade
  66. What year GU 11mm pump
  67. fuel lines swap or not TB42E TO TD42T
  68. looking for build threads, ford barra and zf6spd into gq.
  69. urgent help
  70. Tb42e loom to Td42
  71. Silvertop Engine year
  72. LS1 Conversion
  73. Territory engine conversion
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  76. L98 Conversion into GU??? (Please Help) Porky's Gu Conversion Thread
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  79. Engine Conversion Certification
  80. Wear and tear on LS engines
  82. Putting a gu rd28ti into a high roof lwb
  83. Is there a Barra conversion with auto that bolts to the GU engine mounts?
  84. Td 4.2 conversion
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  86. Td42 conversion...
  87. swap ZD30 engine to Mercedes 3.2CDI OM613.
  88. TB42 to TD42 transplant
  89. Brand new Duramax $16 grand ?
  90. RB30 efi Turbo conversion... How to
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  92. TD42t to LS1 Conversion
  93. Cost of changing LPG tank back to unleaded. GU Patrol
  94. GU TD42T conversion to TD42Ti
  95. LS1 conversions in Perth.
  96. Microtech lt10 to 4.5 gu
  97. GQ RB30 Conversion to Non turbo Barra
  98. TD42 pump modification
  99. TB48 turbo kit
  100. LS Conversion
  101. reco zd30 or swap for ?
  102. Harrop 2300 supercharger to Optimiser 6500
  103. td42 into auto GQ
  104. ls 1,2, or 3 conversion
  105. Some pretty mental barra patrols lately
  106. Howdy fellow 4wders
  107. Rb26 head conversion on a Rb30 carby
  108. Gu tb45 auto to Gq Td42 auto conversion
  109. Y61 Rb25DET swap and use re4r03a gearbox.
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  111. GQ RD28T in GU patrol
  112. Fan Belts
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  114. Cummins engine convertion
  115. New regulations for Victoria V8 conversions
  116. Duramax conversion
  117. Ford Maverick - Barra or Cleveland?
  118. Looking for a company that does reconditioned engines and gearbox in QLD (Brisbane)
  119. help with garage review please QLD, Brisbane
  120. Tb42 Timing
  121. power steering fluid
  122. tracking down whirring noise.
  123. TB42 / 45 Carburettor Conversion
  124. 4jj1 into gu
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  126. change diff ratio for ls3
  127. Tb - td
  128. Help ZD30DDTI loosing power.
  129. Starting a 5.0L TB42E Conversion
  130. Conversion from GU Y61 2.8 l to a TDi 4.2l in Perth, WA