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  1. Oil Catch Can
  2. GU suspension
  3. Mounting sliders to chassis - DIY
  4. Reverse light on GU
  5. ARB underbonnet air compressor
  6. How to finish my roll bar??
  7. wireless reverse camera
  8. rear door bench
  9. bull bar modifications
  10. Drawer sliders
  11. winch frame in a GU
  12. GU Replacement rear lights power
  13. Stopping mud build up on the rear wheel arches - The fold
  14. Converting A GU 4.5,3.0,2.8 to td42
  15. How to leak test snorkel ?
  16. What's this section about
  17. 4" stainless snorkel, on a white GQ LWB Mav??
  18. HOW do I change the brake bulbs in my 2008 Nissan Patrol TI
  19. 2" body lift on gq
  20. door trims hand made
  21. Advice wanted: black widow cargo barrier install
  22. opinions on my tray design
  23. new airbox
  24. small roof console
  25. Swing away light mount
  26. HELP DIY Diff Breather Problem!
  27. DIY bull bar install
  28. buying advice for gauges?
  29. Provent Return Check Valve or Drain Hose (NADS)
  30. Intercooler
  31. GU UHF Install
  32. Stopping water getting through snorkel
  33. Fabricator/Handyman Wanted for DIY Job $$$
  34. Duel Battery System (DBS)
  35. Trying to remove MAF Unit to Clean
  36. Fitting water temp gauge to ZD30
  37. Tralier mod time I think....
  38. GU rear barn door storage
  39. Share your Drawers with kitchen setup
  40. Wiring a turbo timer to a GU 3litre Patrol
  41. Gu blank power panel interest
  42. GU 2nd gloveboxes again.
  43. roof consol help please
  44. Siezed nuts on dump pipe
  45. GU4 Tail lights in a GU1
  46. GQ 2.8L Glow Plugs
  47. Tank Location for On Board Air?
  48. Got the boost gauge rattle
  49. Pipe Sizes?
  50. Angle grinders...
  51. Alarm questions
  52. Pyro/Boost/ + Extra?
  53. 2 Batteries parallel?
  54. Springs which way up?
  55. Gq Safari snorkel TD42
  56. DIESEL CHIP, which is the best ?
  57. Can Someone direct me to the latest egr blanking thread
  58. Diy swing away wheel carrier
  59. quick question about changing shocks
  60. Diff Breather Routing - Pressure Issues?
  61. Oil filter
  62. What did you make today ?
  63. TD42 engine conversion/ engine mounts
  64. Dawes & Needle Install Guide?
  65. Recommendations for a Central Locking Kit?
  66. Fitting Lift Questons
  67. Downloadable repair manual GU Patrol..
  68. Fitting Air Tank to GU III Wagon Help?
  69. Gu patrol auto
  70. Where to tap EGT probe on stock exhaust?
  71. Prepping for Winter and Cold Weather - Which Fluids & Oils?
  72. Boost gauge install
  73. Anyone run these oils?
  74. Workshop jack
  75. Rear wheel squeal
  76. Useful tips regarding tools and fasteners.
  77. Problem with clutch booster
  78. Air tanks?
  79. 2001 gu interior mods
  80. Let hear it, what are your top picks? ZD30
  81. Boost Guidance Needed GU CRD- Progressing thru NADS
  82. Manual Boost-Use of Two parallel needle valves with solenoid bleed control-Thought?
  83. Getting my patrol 1991 GQY60 in good nick
  84. 1988 4.2D GQ Headlight replacement
  85. Overhead console template
  86. Nissan Patrol ST GU7 2010 centre console removal
  87. New Petrol Pumps for a Diesel to Petrol Conversion
  88. DX windup windows to power windows