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Thread: 1968 G60 Patrol, Start up after in 30 years

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    1968 G60 Patrol, Start up after in 30 years

    A post popped up on my FB page the other day from a group I'm a member of called Abandoned Australia Derelict Houses & more which really caught my attention, I asked the original poster Michael if I could share the video here because I'm sure you blokes would appreciate it 2. It was only on FB and I know not all on here is on FB so asked if he had the vid on youtube.... "No i don't but u can upload it" and that he did.

    If you are reading this Michael, thank you very much for the vid and uploading it 2 youtube for me just so I could get it here

    Cheers, Todd (oddietoddie)

    "A Couple of Weekend's back i scored a Deal on 2 x G60 Nissan Patrols for a bottle Of Rum from a Farmer. One is a 1968 G60 Patrol Ute, and the other is a 1971 G60 Patrol MWB Wagon.

    Initially when I went to look at them before doing the deal, I took along a crank handle along to see if the motors turned over, unfortunately after jumping on the handle, it was clear the motor was well and truly Locked/seized solid from many years of no use and being left out sitting in the elements.

    So Once I got it home, I filled the cylinders with a mix of Diesel and ATF, after a week of soaking, surprisingly I was able to free the motor up.
    Compression then vanished, so off came the rocker cover and straight away knew the valves had rusted due to condensation having formed under the cover.

    This was all achieved without removing The head, Simply Poured the Diesel/ATF Mix down the Spark Plug Holes and was Left to Soak.

    So some more diesel and oil and some bashing on the rocker arms and valves with rubber mallet I managed to free them as well.
    Drained the sump, rigged up a bull-bar mounted petrol tank, primed up the original fuel pump, threw a good coil in it and a set of points and got her fired back into life today after 30 years of rotting away in paddock where it hadn't been started since being parked.

    Amazingly I was even able to Jag starting it by the original crank handle, I had no real Option as the flywheel teeth had been excessively corroded from water in the bell housing, and caused the stater motor to bind up.

    Ya Just Carnt Kill these old G60 Patrol's"


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