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Thread: 2001 GUIII ST 4.8 Auto (newly acquired - Work in progress)

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    2001 GUIII ST 4.8 Auto (newly acquired - Work in progress)

    I recently bought this old girl from WA, had it shipped over to Vic
    Knowing it had some problems, the old man and I have started pulling her apart
    I have been taking the odd photo of bits and pieces and plan to update on the build so to speak as I go.

    As you can see in the attachments we have a bit of fair wear to contend with - the car was sold as having a broken exhaust and needing wheel bearings - we have since discovered the car has been jumping and they have bent the front diff housing (good news it didnt need new bearings)

    I have sourced replacement front and back diffs, currently it has the 3.5 centers and due to some good luck and good friends I have 4.11's and new secondhand housings to replace the damaged front and replace the back due to heavy pitting.
    plenty of work to be done here thats for sure, on top of all that the 50mm lift (we think) is pretty pitted too, so I am looking to either replace it with another 50mm kit or go back to standard (I have found plenty of spare stock stuff cheap).
    The bull bar came off because it was pretty f*%ked, repairable to look pretty but that isnt why they exist is it?
    SO I have a factory Winch bar to go on it too.

    The current extractors has been temporarily welded by the old man (when everything was still in the car, just because we were still moving the car by road and it was loud) - a replacement exhaust is expected to located in the coming weeks - infact I literally just messaged a bloke on FB marketplace about new extractors, the extractors gave us the biggest clue to the jumping as it had been hit and split by the suspension, along with most of the bushes being clapped out at best indicates the jumping as previously mentioned.
    Also on the exhaust there was no pipework from the Cat back.
    it has 3 wheels of the same type and a random rimm with all tires in poor shape - also to be replaced (33s)

    On the updside it has a duel battery which was all disconnected and not meant to be working, took us 30m to work out a fuse was missing, replaced that and it now charges once more.
    The roof racks which I dont have a picture off were made of cast iron not really - but they were homemade and were ridiculously strong and super heavy, I have removed it and thrown it away.
    The UHF works correctly and the antenna is in good shape (it was powered by the second battery, when it no longer charged they simply ran a wire to the other battery; which I have removed as it is no longer needed - how many times have you flattened your battery because you left the bloody UHF on).
    The rear bar has a spare wheel carrier arm but not the other arm, I will try and make something for extra Fuel carriers to swing, the bar is in need of some TLC, but it should come up ok after a sandblast and repaint.
    Snorkel is present but not sealed at all, in fact the AFM plastic casing was broken off the side of the airbox. we have repaired that and replaced the mounting screws for the intake. and will worry about the snorkel seal later, the airbox is sealed to the motor - thats good enough for now.
    Motor and gearbox run like a dream all things considered. - a full service on both will be undertaken soon enough
    Never been on Gas either.

    Um I just bought the extractors I was talking about, pick them up tomorrow!

    For those wondering why the hell we lifted the old girl up and sprayed the shit out of it, it was a 3 phase hot washer pressure washer - and we used it so we can see exactly what we are dealing with and to clean off a shit load of surface rust.
    Worked pretty well actually.

    We will clean the underbody again/ paint on some anti-rust and then spray underbody liner to help stop further corrosion and as a side benefit some additional sound deadening.

    Yeah, the cars purpose will be to take the missus and I to the Cape next year.
    I am sure more will come up as I know more. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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    Bit of work ahead of you but looks like a good project!
    2003 GU TD42 with a few extra ponies

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