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Thread: Check Your Snorkel.

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    Check Your Snorkel.

    G'day, all. I have just finished installing my new second brand new Safari Snorkel.

    I urge you to check your snorkel for defects which may result in the engine suffering from water ingestion.

    On Thursday last week, I had installed the first snorkel and before I fitted the inner guard, flare and inlet to the dust collector, I decided to test it.

    I taped an appropriately sized jar to seal the end and poured a few litres of water down the snorkel.

    To my amazement water was trickling out of the bottom near the seam at the very front of the snorkel!!

    One of the hose clamps was seeping a bit too.

    I thought I may have split the seam because I had done something wrong.

    I pulled the snorkel off and looked to see if I had caused the problem. I saw that the plastic was porous and there was a 1mm hole next to the seam.

    I had to take the snorkel into the place I bought it from. He checked it and ordered me a new one, which turned up yesterday, (but they forgot to ring me as the bloke I was dealing with went on holidays).

    After fitting it, I re-tested the new snorkel and was pleased to see that there were no new leaks. I also used my shop vacuum to suck out all of the water before hooking the pipework the engine.

    I am bit put off by the whole thing, but on the bright side, apart from the inconvenience and extra fuel, I bought locally and the manufacturer did send a new one ASAP.

    I am bloody glad that I am a fussy bugger when it comes to doing a job, otherwise I may have just fitted the thing and killed the engine if I ever got stuck in water.
    My advice is: not to follow my advice.

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    ^ This. My snorkel and carby housing has more silicone in it than than Bunnings. I'll eventually get a better airbox setup when funds allow. Until then, here's to hoping I don't get stuck in anything super deep.

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