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Thread: Warraweena and Arkaroola

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    Warraweena and Arkaroola

    Finally got to take the Patrol out on it's first outing since purchasing it late Dec '16. 7 months is far too long.

    Decided on Arkaroola since it's close enough to get there before dark in 1 day as we only had Sunday morning - Thursday night away from work.

    Plan was to spend the first night at Grindell's Hut, then Arkaroola and then maybe a night at Warraweena on the way home. Being a flexible bunch with no real plans we decided over lunch at Hawker to stop in at Warraweena first up so we could get a decent amount of daylight to have a bit of a drive around, chatted to the legendary Stoney and spent the afternoon cruising through riverbeds and having an easy cruise around. Best bit about Warraweena is the ability to collect firewood. Brilliant.
    Would definitely recommend Warraweena, we didn't get the chance to do Mt Gill due to the wet weather, but I was partially relieved as this was our first time doing steepish country and this was the first time I'd taken an auto 4wd'ing, having previously really only driven manuals.

    Most of the creeks at Warraweena had some sort of water in them but nothing to get exciting unfortunately.

    Also, sorry that some of the action shots are of a Mitsi. Having the camera and being the leader most of the time, most of the photos are after I've stopped and he is coming up or down behind me.


    Had to get a photo when we stopped for lunch. Love the look of her.


    Warraweena drizzled for most of the time we were there, but wasn't enough to be a nuisance, although a bit more to practice our mud driving would've been nice. Our first night was the only wet evening we had. Had to make a bit of a makeshift awning raiser to stop it from filling with water.


    Headed from Warraweena back out onto the road towards Arkaroola, decided that instead of staying at Grindell's Hut we would just do the 4wd loop track there and keep going on to Arkaroola that day. Despite what has been written online, the Grindell's Hut loop track is hardly exciting, let alone a challenge. If all you're looking for is scenery and a cool drive then it's great, but if you're after a challenge, this is not the track for you.


    Made it to Arkaroola with a few hours of daylight so spent it around a campfire cooking what can only be described as the best roast dinner I have ever eaten, and coming from a chef that's something.

    Following day we forced the girls up early so we could hit the trails for a full day of exploring. Even thought we had specified 'leaving by 8:00am', we finally broke camp at about 9:30.


    Decided to do the Echo Camp Backtrack, weren't 100% sure how we would cope but figured we had cars up to the challenge and would give it a crack. On that note, I feel like when youlabel something as 'extreme', in my mind that means that you absolutely 101% cannot, under any circumstance leave without recovery gear, not sure the Echo Camp Backtrack classifies as extreme, but each to their own.
    We cruised through with no trouble at all, as long as you have high clearance (altho the mitsi is stock standard with 31's) and low range you'll be right and don't lock up your brakes going downhill you'll be A-ok.
    Was a great little track, definitely do the Barrarana Gorge optional side track, probably the best driving of the whole track is down here.


    Spent the rest of the day exploring bits and pieces of Arkaroola. Almost made it back to camp at about 5:00 with the wife driving into the sun when a kangaroo came tearing out of the bush and annihilated itself on my spotlight. In her defence nobody could've dodged that roo but was a bit annoying to get within a few k's without any major incidents. But at least now I can look into insurance and get myself a few light bars?


    Glad it didn't destroy my winch control box as I'd only just (the day before we left) put the new one on after smashing it on another roo a few months before. Gonna have to mount that inside the engine sometime soon!

    Overall we had a great 4 days away, would definitely recommend this part of the world.


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    awesome write up mate, looks like a nice little get away!
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    Warraweena is a great place to visit. I have only been there at Easter on a couple of occasions so was quite dry.
    I think I need to go back there during winter when the area is a lot greener and there is water in the creeks.
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    Great trip report.
    I spent an Easter at Warraweena about 10 or so years back and loved it there.
    When we were there we did a track that followed a creek and continuously crossed it, a lot of the crossings had big drop offs and we had to keep assisting one of the guys with us driving a stock Pajero as he kept bellying out. I remember there were a few technical bits where we had to thread through tight gaps between large rocks.

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