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Thread: Middle Creek Eurimbla NP

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    Middle Creek Eurimbla NP

    OK! As promised trip blog with pics(spelt that wrong should have an r in it).
    Away from work on time thursday arvo then hours to get loaded up.almost packed.JPG
    Finally set to go.Got eveything?ready to go.JPG
    So away at a reasonable hour in the am and first stop Yandaran. Short n Blonde has a chinese bladder.
    Ever onward to Fingerboard roadhouse about 30ks from Agnes Water, stop for ice n eats.
    Another 18 k and turn north into np.
    sign 1.JPG 3k along and the road starts to deteriorate.No fun in older leaf sprung ute!
    sign 2.JPG
    Alright so into camp and set up. Very pleasant good shade, close to the water.camp.JPG
    Amenities a little sparse, just the multrum toilets. The groundsman came by a coupla times a day tho.
    So a few idyllic days of kayaking n fishing. Plenty of fish BUT if you aint set up right they will smash you.
    Fishin off the yak saw us net a few fair grunter but the Jacks simply destroyed gear. will be heavier next time.

    Saturday proved fun. Had heard horror tales of "THE TURKEY BEACH TRACK" and the pig having never been bested said what the hell!
    3k of rocky nasty worse every metre track brought us to 5k of mud, water, wallum country slop brought us to 3k of rocky nasty.
    Didn't get enough pics and they don't do the track justice! Took better than 2 hrs to do the 8k, quicker coming back, no walking it first!
    Low range. Check! Locker in. Check! Chicken track? You bet!nasty stuff.JPG
    Chicken track. darn sight worse than it appears!chicken track.JPG nearly lost No 1 scout in one of the holes along it!
    And just beyond the chicken track?low range.JPG
    All in all a thinking mans 4wd track. Spoke to bloke back at camp had stripped a hub on a 76 cruiser couple of days prior.
    Much fun!

    All good things must end so pack up sunday morning and off home again.
    Shorty says she won't be goin again the midges got to her. Red hot I'll take some of the crew instead!!!!!!!!!!

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