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Thread: Pre Planing a Trip to Fraser Island

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    Just a quick update to preparing for Fraser Island, we only have 3 weeks to go
    So far I've blocked the EGR, cleaned out intake from air filter to intake manifold and to my surprise very little in the way of oil and even more of a surprise very little black tar in the manifold. Fitted a catch can and after nearly 3000klms there was only a shimmer of oil on the top of the Provent 200 filter. Fitted boost and EGT gauges and after learning what the car does I was surprised to never see boost spikes, it was always very smooth and maxed out at 15psi but EGTs would get quite high, the highest was 600 deg Fitted Dawes and needle valves, noticed instantly turbo spool felt instant and EGTs dropped by nearly 150 deg cruising at 80km/h, 450deg to 310deg and the boost sits at 10 psi at 100km/h. Also fixed the oil leak by tightening up the sump bolts. The fan belt was squealing so I pulled the tensioner off, checked the bearings, lubed the piston and tensioned the pivot bolt to 40nm and used locktight and marked the bolt with white paint pen to see if it moves, all good so far and the tensioner now moves with the belt.
    Picked up a speed deflator and a Dr Air 150L/Pm tyre inflator, Maxtrax and holder, 80 channel handheld UHFs. It's going in for chemical and electronic rust proofing which will take 2 days, They steam clean first the spray a fault neutralising coat on then spray on the rust proofing then spray a bitumen type material on to the underneath of the car. The last few weeks seem to be taking for ever.
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