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  1. No worries big fella, will get some happy snaps for ya.... Looks like the way the cards are falling, Clipsal will be our next catch up.
    Time is just soooo precious these days, so little yet so much to do. Was good chatting to ya this am, cheers for the call mate.
    Have a good day buddy and catch ya soon.
  2. G`day Pete .
    Thanks for the invite mate but you know how things always fall the wrong way, we are committed today to another funtion.
    Looks like a good bit of kit mate, so I would expect you`ll be spending a fair bit of time standing around with with a bevy watching a large piece of meat rotating. Glad to see that you and the missus have got plenty of wxxk. Yea I know wxxks a pain but money is good to. I`ll have a beer tonight and drool at the thought of that roast you`ll be enjoying.
    Catch you later Pearcey
  3. G/day Pearcey, sorry for the short notice, but if your keen mate, will fire it up for about 4pm tomorrow,
    more than welcome, and hey hey both me and the miss's have the day off, yeaha.
    you got the address still ?? if not give us a hoy.
    Hope to see you then. (let me know if you can make it)

    Cheers Pete
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