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2nd December 2011, 09:15 PM
Posted this here as the gathering (read end of the post) is occurring in SA.

Wheel Cover
Vol 1 November 2011

e-News Publication of the Western Australian Four Wheel Drive Association.

Dear Members,

At the recent meeting of Four Wheel Drive Australia (National Council) communication between the state bodies and their member base- the Clubs was discussed at length. The current process of distributing minutes and other information to the Club entity is not suitably effective and it has been suggested that electronic media distribution direct to all members will improve the communication channels. Members may be aware of Four Wheel Drive Victorias - "Track Watch" publication which is distributed directly to every member in that state.. W.A. can only aspire to a quality publication of the same calibre however this format is a start.

Format and content are yet to be determined so see this as an example of what our e-news could look like.

Comments and feedback can be directed to secretary@wa4wda.com.au

National Four Wheel Drive Council Meeting – Hobart 14, 15 Oct

National Council trades as Four Wheel Drive Australia (FWDA)
Meetings commenced at 11,00am Friday and ran continuously throughout the 2 days concluding with the Annual General Meeting closing at 6.00pm on Saturday.
Members of Clubs in WA are affiliated with the Council by their membership with the State Association. FWDA membership is comprised of the 7 states represented by 2 delegates from each state. WA. Delegates currently hold the position of National Chairman (Eric Morey-Getaway Club) and myself on the Insurance Committee and second delegate. States are welcome to send further delegates however this would be at the expense of the state and this usually only involves visitors from the hosting. State.


Through a contracted broking service FWDA provides a suite of insurance products for the members of the 4WD Clubs across Australia. This contract provides Clubs with their public liability cover and specifically tailored 4WD insurance for their motor vehicles.
The Broker (TCIS) provides a panel of underwriters to provide cover to the array of vehicles, accessories and modifications that members across the country wish to cover. The lead insurer remains as Alliance, however Assett Insure as a new inclusion to the panel provides a competitive policy for members with vehicles older than 5 years who may have a significant value of accessories on the vehicle. It may be worthwhile getting a quote prior to your next renewal.

National Council report (cont'd)

State Reports.
These provide a forum for discussion on actions and projects underway in other states. WA is well short of the membership numbers of the the ‘big 3’ that is Qld, NSW and Vic, nevertheless if we could harness 20% of the energy and activity that these state achieve we would be doing our members proud. This would require a greater commitment from more of us give even more time to our state body, but the benefits for the 4WD fraternity would be manifest. For example 4WD Victoria has 3 full time employees in the office. One of these positions is funded by Parks Victoria and access to and permits are issued through their office. In some cases access to tracks is exclusively available to members only, to the detriment of Clubs in NSW not being able to access tracks in Victoria.
4WD Victoria is the peak representative body in that state and is approached by minister’s government agencies and business on any matters pertaining to the recreation. Having a full time CEO and support staff gives them a huge advantage to this end.

Driver Training
All other states baring WA are involved to some extent in Driver Triaining.and either have achieved Registered Training Organisation (RTO) status or have a partnership arrangement with another state or commercial operator in order to provide this opportunity.

Competitive Based Training
4WDA has developed and owns the intellectual property of the National Curriculum framework for accredited 4WD training. Many trainers purchase training packages and resource material through on line shopping facility. Thousands of volunteer hours have gone into the development of this material and many more are to be expended in the necessary upgrades

The issue of communication continues to provide a challenge for the organisation at all levels and continues to impact the dissemination of information in the same manner that committee/member, state association /clubs interaction s often fail or are not effective. Even in Victoria with the resources available the members do not have an appreciation of the activities of the state association and even less understanding of the role of the National council.
As always I leave the meeting with new ideas and inspiration, with good intentions to take all this on board when I return to WA. The reality is other more pressing matters will take precedence upon my return.
Greg Bremner in Hobart

Busy Bee Calendar for 2012

For Black Cockatoo Preservation Society
Saturday 12/05/12 Planting and Traffic Control
Saturday 28/07/12 Area around front of facility – weedy wattles to be removed
banks reformed – Black Cockatoos have a bobcat but will require a driver
Sunday 09/09/12 Work to be discussed and formulated

Association Busy Bees
Saturday 17/03/12 For clean up around facility and mulching
Saturday 03 /11/12 General cleanup of facility ready for summer months

Latest News Available at this time - I am awaiting confirmation of event cost.

MT IVE STATION S.A. (1/05/2011)

Mt. Ive Station on the banks of Lake Gairdner, was established in 1867, and under new ownership since 2002.

The Newton Family are continually upgrading the facilities, infrastructure and tracks and welcome travellers looking to enjoy a unique adventure on a working sheep station.

Mt Ive Station is approximately 900 sq km which provides some of the best opportunities to enjoy the vast volcanic landscape of the ancient Gawler Ranges in South Australia.

Some of the attractions include Ridge Top Scenic Tracks, Organ Pipe Rock formations, Lake Gairdner, White Salt Lake (Home to the Land Speed Race Titles), Dirty Greens Golf Course and lots more.........

For further information please log onto their website www.mtive.com.au

9TH NATIONAL 4WD GATHERING 2012 (1/03/2011)

Mt. Ive Station in 2012...
9th Australian 4WD Gathering 2012
>When: 28th, 29th , 30th September, 1st October 2012
Where: Mt Ive Station – Gawler Ranges S.A.
>The 9th Australian 4WD Gathering 2012 brings together four-wheel drivers from across the nation to participate in four-wheel driving, the opportunity to meet new 4WD friends and enjoy a brilliant long weekend in South Australia’s stunning Gawler Ranges.
> The National 4WD gathering includes some meals, 4WD tours, demonstrations, guest speakers, workshops, bush dance, happy hours and much more...
> Whether you are in a 4WD Club, prefer to travel alone or with friends, you are invited to be part of this memorable 4WD Gathering event.
> For expressions of interest contact Greg Bremner through your Association.
Open to ALL 4WD owners