View Full Version : Tacho doesn't work

16th July 2010, 05:10 PM
2.8td GU 1999

Tacho just stopped dead just after I bought the Patrol. This is a couple year ago now. I remember it was working up until I had to give it back to the car yard and tell them to fix it. It wouldn't start and it turned out the glow plugs were knackered. Their dodgey mechanic fixed the glow plugs and after that, the tacho never ever worked.

I gave it back to them and they pulled the dash out and checked all the lights etc.. all were working as far as they could tell.

I've been under the dash and tested all the relative wires and they have power. I checked the wires at the ECU plug too. Not a fun job.

Reading around the internet I saw that a few people have mentioned the Cam Position Sensor. I've located where that is in the bay and taken it out, but really, it looks fine to me. Last step is to take it to Nissan and pay out ridiculous labour fees for them to plug their computer into the car and see what it is.

Anyone else got any ideas?