View Full Version : Y61 ZD30 Sqeaking clutch

23rd November 2017, 11:59 AM
Just sharing some info. Had an annoying clutch sqeak that come and went. After using heaps of different sprays around top of clutch pedal that did not work, I had it inspected and some of the spring bushes were broken. At least I thought I found problem. Nissan does not sell the bushes anymore, you have to pay for $300 for a new pedal assembly .This was installed, but the irritating sqeak was still there! It was the booster . You can re kit these but not fix the noise. Nissan just quoted me a new one for $1200 , installation extra if needed. Could not find a second hand one, but sore a after market one on Ebay for under $200 (new). Got the brake and clutch experts in town to install it in case it needed ajustments.
Nearly a day waiting , and then to find out for some unknown reason it did not work. Pedal sticks to the floor, vacuum valve wont release. They said it must be a dud! So the old booster is back in and another $300 for that exercise. Possible that the TD boosters and ZD may be different, even though they look identical. So far a costly exercise and I am back to the square one with painful sqeak and squawk when driving. Someone said , "turn up the radio" , that is not an option :)
Ian Bundaberg