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26th April 2011, 09:09 AM
hey everyone i have a set of 315/75r16 pro comp mud terrains and was interested to see if anyone has had these and what they thought of them?

cheers ashley

limted slip
2nd April 2012, 08:42 AM
righto ill throw in my 2cents. my first exposure to any pro comp tires was when my uncle swapped his road bike for a gq troll, it came with a set of 35/12.5R15 pro comp xterrains that had unknown kms on them but which apparently were about 2 yrs old, they had about 10- 11mm of tread all round. they stayed on that patrol until he sold it 4 years later after doing just under 70k km of foot flat red line km's, mostly on road but with plenty of heavy towing and weekend trips through the mountains around the ACT (i was with him quite a bit during those weekend trips). he sold the troll to a mate of mine who had a new set of 35inch MT claws to go on it so he didnt need the pro comps and subsequently sold them cheap to me, i have had them 12 months and have used them on my firewood truck to cart wood out of my parents monaro property (black and red clay, shale, grannite, quartz ridges, steep accents and decents, bottomless white slop under a 3 inch crust and heavy timber you often have to drive over etc). as they sit they have 5-6mm of tread left (thats only 4mm over the worn out indicators) and honestly i would expect to get at least another 15k km's out of them before i have to get new rubber. they are battle scared and have some bits chipped out of the side biters, they are also showing a little cracking around the foot of some lugs on the shoulders- testament to the abuse they have seen, and are also slightly worn heel to toe from not being rotated regularly enough but with the km's they have done i still give them 10/10. no punctures, no muck in the beads from running low psi, and they handle very well- actually they can handle much higher speed on gravel than several other brands i have had and certainly more than my current truck can. my only gripe is that they are undersized- even new they couldnt have been bigger than 34inches, as they sit now they measure 33.4
they arent a hardcore mud terrain, more like a super grippy aggressive all terrain that can take on any terrain with success.
would i buy a second set?? yep without hesitation

a mate of mine also had a set of their all terrains (normal ones not the extreme pattern). good tough road tires but the tread pattern didnt really lend itself to use in the bush or even basic gravel roads, no doubt though they would get big kms, he sold them and got a set of mtz's as he was doing a lot of farm work


26th March 2013, 08:00 AM
i currently run procomp extreme MT 37x12.50-17's for my all terrains/roadies. i love them.