View Full Version : who up in darwin and wants to get out and about.

10th August 2015, 07:42 PM
After noon. Morning doesn't really matter. Its always 12 o'clock somewhere.

Looking to get out a bit more. Have a new y62. Still getting fitted out. Nearly good to go.
And yes we don't mind a beer, a camp fire and a shit stir. Can even handle kids (conditions apply, nar there welcome too).
We generally base camping as have a big off rd van then head out from there. But we ruff it when need be.
Not a super fan of deep mud (from vic so i know all about BIG bog holes). Enjoy a challenge, flex, and moments of oi ohh, down to a enjoyable sight seeing tour.
Carry all our own gear and had plenty of practice using it.
Now the wife and i prefer more then 1 4wd when out and about allows us better and safer options.

Anyone interested even just for a easy camp out feel free to contact me.


Beetle Rox
28th June 2016, 10:19 PM
Hi AB,

I just bought my 1st patrol and live up in Darwin and came across this post, so I though I should say hi!