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29th June 2015, 06:36 PM
In mid July Down South Motor Sports Australia will be shipping Sonny the “Owner and main shock builder” from Down South Motorsports USA over to Brisbane to begin a joint venture in the setup and fine tuning of Fox and King shocks for Australian conditions. We will be offering our normal shock inspection & servicing, however this will be performed with Sonny to give custom tuning with his experience of over 25+ years in the offroad game. Sonny’s ability to watch a vehicles behavior and ability to match the shocks valving to the conditions is something to witness.

Having worked with Sonny in the shock scene for a number of years now we both decided to take it to the next level having recently built, tuned and successfully raced a vehicle through Baja in the last NORRA Mexican 1000 running Fox 2.5 Piggy back Coil Over Shocks. We raced two vehicles and took out a class win and second place. Myself and Sonny worked hard to smooth out the bumps in shock tuning where we started with standard tuning struggling to run the test track at anything above 35 miles per hour with, by the end of the session we comfortably sat at 75 miles per hour on the same track limited only by the travel, vehicles setup and our own bravery. The ride quality by the end of the day was brilliant and made the vehicle feel very stable at higher speeds giving us the confidence to compete.

Our aim for Sonny’s Down South Tour is to gain extensive knowledge in what “you” the end users needs are and to offer a complete range of shocks specifically setup to suit your rides and where you want to take them. Whether they are daily drivers, the weekend warriors or competition rigs. Up until know there has been very little experience in the shock game in Australia to correctly setup and fine tune the shock valving. Australian Conditions are complex and unique in there own right and Sonny is keen to work with us to better understand these to offer increased consumer satisfaction within the product names we stock.

One of Sonny’s difficulties has been to set up the Nissan Patrol with the USA car market not importing any Patrols to the US. So trying to set up shocks correctly on a vehicle so far away for specific needs is next to impossible when you think about all the variables out there with weight distribution - winch bars, sliders, canopies, comp trays, campers, lift kits, big tyres, combined with vehicles daily driven on the road and driven off-road of a weekend, these all play a vital part of understanding the specific valving to suit your needs its not just a case of buying a soft or a firmer shock as most non rebuild-able shock companies market and have you believe.

Whilst our main focus is on the Patrols we will be more than happy to set up other vehicles as well. With Sonny being one of few guys in the past willing to ship shocks outside of the US, chances are Down South Motorsports had something to do with your Shocks.

Once Sonny’s Down South Tour ends we will continue to offer our normal shock inspection and shock servicing as well as have a full range of specific valving that will be available only through Down South Motor Sports Australia offering a full range of Shocks set up to best suit your needs. Down South Motor Sports Australia will also provide a range of easy to install mounting hardware to suit the shocks we sell in answer to a lot of feedback with problems encounters with mounting remote reservoirs etc. If we don’t stock something to suit your needs we are happy to work with you to develop a solutionas we have a full fabrication workshop (known in the past as SteelArt/Custom Offroad) under the same roof.
We will be tuning shocks in our workshop in Brendale ( Northside of Brisbane QLD) with Sonny for three weeks starting midway through July so we will need people interested in the service to please register your interest and let us know what you have so we can ensure we have the correct parts to service and re valve your shocks. If you are looking at investing in quality shocks such as Fox for your Patrol or four wheel drive please let us know so we can work towards having them (if not already) on the shelf so you too can be apart of the shock tuning experience.

Between now and Mid July new shocks purchased through Down South Motor Sports Australia will receive our tuning service for free as well as Shocks purchased through Steelart over the last 18 months.

For Fox and King Shocks purchased elsewhere a nominal (minimal) fee will be charged to cover consumables such as oils, nitrogen, shims etc provided shocks are ready to service IE off the vehicle, otherwise workshop labour rates will apply for us to do this. We will not be charging labour to perform the shock tuning service.
Shocks that require replacement parts such as seals, shafts etc will be charged to the customer after they are informed prior to reassembly.
If you are not in Brisbane we will also offer this service if shocks can be shipped to us during this period and contact can be made to discuss your valving.
After Sonny’s Tour ends normal workshop rates will apply for shock servicing and tuning.

Please send us an email so we can fit you in so you can get the most out of your ride