View Full Version : Fraser Island july 2014 attn: Kevin07

6th August 2014, 06:21 PM
Well I'm not very good at writing these things. But a bloke I met before I left for my trip said he wanted to see a few photos, so here ya go kevin07!

We were on the island for about a week and 2 days, Ive been before for the same time period and only managed to see half the island due to my patrol at the time deciding it didn't like its alternater any more.
But this time we had no issues.
We got on the island at about 8 am one morning and headed straight for sandy cape, the journey took us maybe 6-7 hours, but that was with a very long stop at eli creek for a swim and to interact with some tourists! :trink13:
once we arrived at sandy cape we stayed there for 2 days just fishing and drinking. and then fishing some more. We didnt actually catch a fish, I think our ratio of drinking to fishing may have been slightly off. However sandy cape is an awesome place and we took many photos up there (bottom of this post)
once we left sandy cape after a couple of days we spent the next few weaving in and out of the inland tracks and back to the beach seeing everything and anything on the island, camping back on the beach every night.
I found the time we spent on fraser to be significant enough to see the whole island, but if you intend on sleeping in every day i would suggest going for a longer time period if you want to see ever square inch of the island in 9 days
to put it in perspective 1 went through about 180 litres of diesel on the island in 9 days (2 of which the truck didnt move), I cannot remember how many k's, but it was a lot.

Anyway it was a great trip and is definitely somewhere you will not get sick of, in total now I've spent almost 3 weeks on the island in my 2 trips and i would still go back tomorrow (In fact I'm going back over Christmas this year.)

Heres some photos. all of these have been taken with a mates pretty expensive fan dangle nikon camera. they came out pretty good.