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12th July 2013, 08:39 PM
G'Day guys

Just wondering if anyone or know anyone who may be looking for a trainee/assistant in doing any Telco cabling/NBN installs/Telstra installs works at all?
I am just completing my Open reg + Restricted+Fibre/Coax/Struc Cabling endorsements and will be all done by the 26th..
Willing to work for the lowest wage even to grab some experience until they can or i can find work as a proper tech.
During the initial phase though i cannot commit to full time work as i am held up with a bit of business i am doing + Kiddos. But can defo work most days in the afternoons.

Got 6 years experience at Telstra and can do most internal cabling/networking/ip phones setups/servers/small business setups etc. Just haven't done outdoor stuff..
Made redundant at Telstra in April as a Project Manager.

any assistance/guidance would be appreciated.
I'm based in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne (Rowville) but willing to get out of town even if i have to. i have my trusty GU with me to take me anywhere! :)