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21st October 2012, 05:50 PM
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Well I was actually thinking about this the other day, that we all seem to tell everyone when we have a bad experience with a business, but a good one and we won't say a thing. After seeing the suggestion from threedogs in the 'rubbish from china thread', I thought why not?

It seems every other week someone is asking "who is a good mechanic in ....... area?", or "what is a good brand for a ........ ?". I thought if everyone post up the places they recommend, we could merely direct them to the one place.

If you have it, people may also like to include a phone number/website/email address of said good buisness.

To kick it off.

When I first got my patrol I had some issues with the LPG, and took it to "Steerite" in Toowoomba. (sorry no contact info). Within5 minutes my problem had been diagnosed, fixed and explained to me fully, and I was on my way. They guys there really know their stuff. And all for the grand sum of nothing!!!


P.s. If this takes off could it possibly be made a sticky so that it won't be lost in the pages of time?