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9th September 2010, 05:28 PM
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As far as modifications for towing a 2 ton van, first (and obviously) make sure you have a heavy rated towbar, 2.5 to 3 ton rating.

Suspension. There are a lot of variables to consider, what works for someone else may not suit your needs. Talk to a suspension specialist so they can help you select the right springs and shocks to do what you're planning.

Brake controllers. Any trailer over 750kg GVM needs to have brakes. Electric brakes are the most versatile, but you need to have a good controller to get the most from them. From my limited experience I recommend Tekanosha Prodigy controllers, they're the best I've used. Others with more experience may recommend differently.

Cooling system. Towing 2.1 ton will put a big strain on your cooling system, so a full cooling system service is in order. Start with a heavy duty radiator, check out PWR's website, they make great radiators.
If you haven't replaced the water pump, radiator hoses (all of them, even the little ones), and thermostat in the last 12 months, do them before you hook the trailer up.
If your car has an auto transmission, then I'd be fitting a BIG oil cooler as well. The most common cause of auto transmission failure is overheated transmission fliud.

Rear vision. A big van will block all of your rear vision, so you will need to fit mirror extensions to put mirrors out wider to help you see around the van.
Another good idea is to fit rear vision camera's. If you get a two channel system you can fit one camera to the back of the vehicle to help with hooking up, and the second to the back of the van so you can see what is behind it. Not just handy on the road, but handy for manovering the van into the perfect spot.

Something else to consider is fitting a screen to the front of the trailer to deflect rocks thrown up by the car, down. It's very common for these rocks (if not deflected away) to bounce off the front of the trailer and smash the back windows of the car, or at the very least stone chip the back doors. Fitting bigger mudflaps will help as well.