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  19. How about 1st to the 5th of November for a big meet up in the Vic high country????
  20. Victorian 4WD Show
  21. 23rd Feb day out anyone??
  22. Tallarook meet up 12th &13th April 2013
  23. Tallarook drive Staurday 16th scoping out camp grounds.
  24. Meet up at Andy's on the 6th of April to work on Healy's ride
  25. A run down for the meet up at Andy's
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  27. My Tallarook experience during 1982
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  39. Pizza at AB's important update.......... please read
  40. Anzac Day High country trip Billy Goats track 25th - 27th April
  41. Tallarook easy to medium day on the 6th April.. novices welcome.
  42. Snow trip?
  43. Victorian NP meet up 13th-14th SEPT BBQ/drive/camp at Wombat state forest
  44. ARB Factory Tour Invite
  45. Wombat meet who's coming for dinner poll on the 13th
  46. NEERIM 26 Oct 14
  47. wombat monday 3rd November
  48. MotorEx Cruise for Charity VIC 30th November
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  50. Repco 4x4 winch challenge - 22-25th October 2015
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  58. Mt Disappointment recovery volunteers
  59. Gu 3.0lt fuel economy
  60. New Club - Sandhurst 4WD Club - Bendigo and Greater Bendigo Region
  61. Butcher Country/Caledonia River valley closed until Nov